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With a mandate conferred by the President of the Province of Trapani, Antonio Nappi has contributed as an expert by the President to the definition of the promotional plan and land development with the definition, identification, design and direction of activities, actions and events they have made the Province of Trapani world famous.

Thanks to information on historical, natural and cultural beauties and for the excellence of the food and wine that were released in conjunction with the initiatives and events to promote the best image of this part of western Sicily, Trapani and its Province have greatly increased the number of tourists and positioned herself among the most popular and known Italian resorts also for the international audience.

In the next step of the Trapani Louis Vuitton Acts Antonio Nappi has Contributed to the promotion and development of the Trapani area.

Regional Province of Trapani

Antonio Nappi was the Nautical-Sports consultant of the President of the Province
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