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Food and flavors experiences in exclusive locations in the Gulf of Naples
For greater involvement in the events and to expand the services offered to Superyacht and luxury boats, Antonio Nappi has designed an exclusive service to offer unique and unforgettable moments.
Companies and private persons will have a Chef for evenings, meetings and events in a prestigious location (villa, house, museum, etc..)  for the realization of personalized menus with excellent enogastronomy products of Campania. Verify the details of the Special Food Experiences.





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The Special Food Experiences are:


  • made in a location specified by the customer and prepared with the Special Food Experiences Chef;

  • organized for about 15 guests who wish to taste with flavors and combinations of a Chef with the more specific gastronomic specialties of the territory;


  • defined after meeting for the exchange of information with the Chef who will prepare the Special Food Experiences (ask for an appointment with the Chef by paying with PayPal system shown on this page. The € 50.00 deposit will be returned in the case of non-definition of the Special Food Experiences);

  • enriched by the Sommelier tips of Special Food Experiences for the best combination of wine and champagne with the identified dishes;


  • booked at least 48 hours in advance, indicating the date, the location and the number of guests with the general guidelines on the type of food experience (meat, fish, wine, champagne, other details, etc.);

  • confirmed by payment of a deposit.

The balance will be paid in the occasion of the Special Food Experiences.



Payments made by:

- PayPal system





- Bank transfer on IBAN code:

IT 41 T 03111 03408 000000004215


- cash.

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The Gulf of Naples, its beauties and its flavors.

Luxury yachts, private terraces, luxury apartments, villas and historical museums are the locations That host the Special Food Experiences. All scenic, locations are enhanced by the magical expert support of Chef and Sommelier who know the area and its specialties.

Spend an evening combining the unparalleled natural beauty of the Gulf of Naples with selected enogastronomic products of the territory will be a unique experience for the eyes and palate.

Skills, research and knowledge of the products offered by the Chef and the rich cellar of Special Food Experiences will ensure that Naples and its flavors will leave a powerful memory in the guests memory.

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